Chapter 25 of ShieldBro and Tanuki Love

hi guys this is my first TL ever. It’s MTL btw but it is translated line by line to make sure it’s readable. Grammar will probably be a little funky here and there but bear with it plz. Anyways enjoy. 🙂

Edited by: MythosIX

Chapter 25 – Rewards of life

What to do from now on?
I remembered the medicine left when the wave spawned.
Although I prepared it just in case, selling it to a pharmacist because I don’t need it will be profitable

“Let’s go to the Pharmacy, then the weapon shop.”(Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, our wallet is tight because we didn’t receive any aid. We’ll be hanging ourselves.”(Raphtalia)
“I know.”(Naofumi)
“My equipment is sufficient. Please only buy what is necessary.”(Raphtalia)

Hmm, that makes sense.
However, our equipment was pitiful compared to the other Heroes.
In this case, I think it is wise to give Raphtalia a better weapon in order to fight stronger enemies……

“Hasn’t it only been several days since we got this weapon? Please think of what kind of face uncle would make.(Raphtalia)

The old man in the weapons shop is certainly providing various services. Although trade-ins are provided,
on our current budget, the quality increase won’t be too great……

“Alright. Let’s save the money we have now.”(Naofumi)

To some extent, it wasn’t a bad idea to go buy it after we plan our use of funds.

“Alright, let’s go to the pharmacy.”(Naofumi)

When the storekeeper in the pharmacy sees my face, he smiled intimately.

“What? What’s wrong?”(Naofumi)

Whenever I come to buy medicine, he will make a bitter face. When he smiles, it sends a chill up my spine.

“Iyaa. I’m happy that you came.”(Pharmacy storekeeper)

Both Raphtalia and I are puzzled.

“You saved a relative of mine in Forest Village ( Riyūto Village in WN) , I would like to help you in any possible way.”(Pharmacy Storekeeper)
“Ah….. I See.”(Naofumi)

The villagers in Forest Village thanked me when the wave was over. It seems the relative of the pharmacy storekeeper was there too.

“Therefore, I am thankful.”(Pharmacy Storekeeper)

The storekeeper took out a book from the closet and hands it to me.

“What’s this?”(Naofumi)
“It’s a book of Intermediate Recipes that are a higher rank than the beginner ones you make. I think it’s a good time for you to challenge it.”(Pharmacy Storekeeper)

I opened the intermediate recipe book slowly. There was a little problem with the bindings but the letters were written clearly.
Yup. I couldn’t read it.

“Th-Thanks. I’ll do my best.”(Naofumi)

It’ll be bad manners not to show gratitude after receiving a gift.
Maybe there’s even medicine that will sell for a lot in here.

“I’m glad you like it.”(Pharmacy Storekeeper)

Ugh…… Being unable to answer to other’s good will irritates me.
When I couldn’t read this world’s letters, I gave up. It would probably be best to start learning it now……

“That guy from the Magic shop also came here.”(Pharmacy Storekeeper)
“Magic shop?”(Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, it’s the shop that sells magic books.”(Raphtalia)
“Ah, I see.”(Naofumi)

So is it a book store or a magic shop? I think there was a crystal ball in the middle of that shop.

“Where is this shop?”(Naofumi)
“It’s a large shop on the main street.”(Raphtalia?)

……Ahh, one of the biggest book stores in the city.

“So what have you got for me today?”(Pharmacy Storekeeper)
“Ahh, this time-“(Naofumi)

I brought higher quality recovery potions.
With the money left, I went to see the person from the magic shop

“Ahh, Thank you Hero of the shield-sama. Even my grandchildren are indebted to you.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

Though I don’t know who it was, but it was probably someone from Forest Village.
The woman from the magic shop greeted us respectfully.

“Is there anything that interests you?”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

I looked through the magic shop that I thought was a bookstore.
Old fashioned books are lined up, and there were a lot of crystals under the counter.
There’s certainly a magical atmosphere in here, with wands and such.
That reminds me, how do I learn magic in this world?

“Anyway, is this young lady a companion of the Hero of the Shield-sama?”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“Huh? Uhh.”(Naofumi)

I nodded.

“Wait just a moment.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

The woman brought a crystal ball out from under the counter and started casting a spell.

“Alright, Hero of the Shield-sama. Please look into the crystal ball.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“Uh, sure.”(Naofumi)

I looked at the crystal ball with while thinking “What the hell?”
……Although it’s shiny, I don’t see anything in particular.

“It seems Hero of the Shield-sama has an affinity for support and recovery magic.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

Was my magical abilities just diagnosed?
Though you could have told me before hand……Oh well, there’s no use complaining.

“Next is the young lady behind you.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“Ah, Ok.”(Raphtalia)

I stepped aside and let Raphtalia look at the crystal ball.

“Hm. As I thought, the raccoon species seems to have affinity for Light and Darkness magic.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“That’s common sense?”(Naofumi)
“Yup…… They are a race that uses illusions and refractions with light and darkness.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

Indeed, the Raccoon species resembles Tanuki from my world, they deceive people with illusions.
There might be a strong resemblance with my world.

“So? What now?”(Naofumi)
“Yeah. This is something the old lady from the magic shop wants you to carry.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

3 books were received from her.
Books again! I couldn’t read any of these books, why do people only seem to give me books as a symbol of gratitude.

“Although I wanted to give you a crystal ball, this old lady isn’t rich.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“What do you mean?”(Naofumi)
“Hero of the Shield-sama doesn’t know? There is usable magic sealed within crystal balls.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

What!? Even if I couldn’t read, I could practice magic?

“Earlier there was a massive order for the Heroes……You mean Hero of the Shield-sama is unaware?”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“I don’t know about it.”(Naofumi)

It’s just the trash king providing for the other heroes and excluding me.
Murderous intent was being released by my companion.

“The handwriting in a magic book is fairly complex, it’ll take about 10 months if you try and learn it seriously.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

There are roughly 3 books in 1 volume of magical books compared to a single crystal ball. If I could read it, I would.
Actually I might be able to read it if I had a month to learn.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you more”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)
“No, I’m already grateful for receiving 3 magic books free of charge.”(Naofumi)

I nodded and Raphtalia corresponds with a smile.

“Generally how much magic can be learned?”(Naofumi)
“All the beginner class magic is available. However the for high ranking ones……It is quite expensive.”(Magic Shop Storekeeper)

Well this place was also a business. I can’t hurt it just because I am selfish.

“Thank you.”(Naofumi)

Although with a difficult expression, we got the magic books from the magic shop.


I sighed unintentionally.
I don’t like to study very much. I always had low grades. What should I do?
I know, I should desperately decipher the books and try to learn both the recipes and magic, is what I should say.
However, in this shield, the [Different World Language Translation] skill probably doesn’t exist.
There is a possibility though, because there was a recipe for medicine in the shield, I might find it if I look for it.
But, I wonder if the work to search for the right shield and learn the characters to read a book will be worth it……
Though the latter lets me try other things if it succeeds.
But, it seems to be a waste of energy if I need to learn [Different World Language], and I lose all motivation.

“Let’s learn magic together.”(Raphtalia)

Raphtalia energetically says to me.

“I can’t read the letters of this world……”(Naofumi)
“Ehh, then let’s learn them together.”(Raphtalia)
“Meh…… I guess.”(Naofumi)

It won’t hurt to learn the letters in between making medicine.

“When will the next wave come?”(Raphtalia)
“Huh? Ah, wait a second.”(Naofumi)

I play around with the icon in the corner of my view and call up the time for the next wave.
After 45 days and 14 hours.

“There are 45 more days.”(Naofumi)
Wasn’t it every month?
No, well, it’s not every 2 months…… Now that i think about it, they summoned us right after.
The deadline might be longer than I thought.
It would be natural that it may take a few days after Raphtalia became my slave.
A lot of things have happened in that month.

“Oh well, it’s a good thing that we have time.”(Naofumi?)

There is too little time compared to what needs to be done.

“Anyway, is our business here done?”(Naofumi?)
“Let me see…… We sold the medicine, weapons, and armor, acquired a magic book, and redone the slave crest, I think we’re done here for the time being.”(Raphtalia)

I asked Raphtalia for confirmation.
If we left something behind and had to come back, it would be a waste of time.

“Then, want to go Level up after we eat?”(Naofumi)

I was surprised at today’s breakfast. My taste is restored.
The meal was delicious and it restores my vitality.

Requirements for Mortar and Pestle Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Beaker Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Medicine Research Shield have been revealed.

Mortar Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Beginner Compounding

Beaker Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Liquid Compounding Bonus

Medical Research Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Gather Skill 2

After we finished our meal, we left the castle town on foot and headed to Forest Village because around that vicinity, there were demons that were just right for killing.
I don’t know of any good out-of-the-way hunting places unlike the other heroes.
So when I heard about this from the residents of this world, I could only go by foot and search.
I opened my map and looked, it may be difficult to find a convenient place, but it will be worth doing so.
It is quite mortifying that I couldn’t compete with the other heroes. However, it’s not that bad because my shield will still grow when we defeat the demons.
The explanation may be excluded, but the shield is very handy. The Ability Rise System is troublesome to raise.
Because I am using a shield, there are a lot of defense increases. All Stats such as, Agility, Stamina, Magical Power, SP, increase. But Attack doesn’t increase.
It is thanks to this system that I was still intact after the last wave.
During the journey……

“That reminds me, can my shield absorb enemies from the wave?”(Naofumi)

Although i remembered just because I came back, I wanted to try and improve my shield.
Around Forest Village there were a lot of monster corpses from the wave.

Requirements for Dimensional Locust Shield have been revealed.
Requirement for Dimensional Lower Class Punishment Shield has been revealed.
Requirements for Dimensional Corpse Eating Demon Shield have been revealed.

Dimensional Locust Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Defense Power +6

Dimensional Lower Class Punishment Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Agility +6

Dimensional Corpse Eating Demon Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Rot Prevention for Possessions (Small)

I tried absorbing the other materials but no new shields appeared.
However there was one that could only be absorbed after all the others.

Requirements for Bee Stinger Shield have been released.

Bee Stinger Shield Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Attack Power +1
Special Effect: Shield of Stinger (Small) Bee Venom (Paralysis)

Oh, the villagers were moving the corpse of a chimera so I went and asked if I could use it.

“Ah, Hero of the Shield-sama.”(Villager)

Because of yesterday’s actions, the villagers pleasantly welcomed me.

“Is this guy the boss of the wave?”(Naofumi)

I pointed at the corpse of the Chimera.
Well to me, it’s a Chimera…… In this world it may be known as something different.
It’s difficult to explain it correctly.

“It is the frightening boss indeed.”(Villager)
“Is that so?”(Naofumi)

I agreed with the villager.

The skin is all peeled off by the other heroes and the knights, but there was still meat left.

“May I have a little too?”(Naofumi)
“Please do take some, but I need to remove from the village, are you going to make it into equipment?”(Villager)
“There’s not much that is usable left over, however that’s not a bad idea.”(Naofumi)

The skin is peeled off so it can’t be used as armor. There was still meat and bones… And the tail of a snake?
As for the head, it was cut off. It seems like there were 3 of them.
I should probably break down the corpse of the Chimera with Raphtalia, and let my shield absorb it.

Requirements for Chimera Meat Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Chimera Bone Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Chimera Leather Shield have been revealed.
Requirements for Chimera Viper Shield have been revealed.

Chimeric Meat Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Cooking Quality Up

Chimeric Bone Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Darkness Resistance (Medium)

Chimeric Leather Shield
Unsealing completed… Equipment Bonus: Defense Power +10

Chimeric Viper Shield
Unsealing completed……Equipment Bonus: Skill “Change Shield” Detoxification Compounding Improvement
Poison Resistance (Medium)
Special Effect: Poison Fang of the Snake (Medium) Hook

Some convenient bonuses gained from this last absorption. Even the Defense Power Up is considerably high.
However, the level requirement is quite high, it also seems impossible to reveal the rest of the Chimera series at this point
It would probably be better to postpone it, Chimeras might become the main enemy next wave.

“What should we do with the remainder?”(Naofumi)

I asked the villager.

“I’ll bury the remains, thanks for the help.”(Villager)

Though it feels like a waste, most of the leftover parts were just meat and bones.
The bones well, it could be useful. While the meat could be dried and stored, however it was definitely not edible.
It appears that it could be used for magical medicine material.
But, I don’t know who will buy it and I will have trouble preserving it.
Although the bone is fine.
However, as expected, it’s probably good to be cautious

“Then, I’ll take as much as possible.”(Naofumi)
“Eh? But that is a lot.”(Villager)
“Can I keep it in the village?”(Naofumi)
“Well… If it’s for Hero of the Shield-sama…”(Villager)
“Dry the meat and sell it to any peddler who wants it. It can help with the restoration expenses. Some researcher may want it for research material.”(Naofumi)
“Will someone who wants to buy it really come?”(Villager)

The village accepts my proposal because they desperately require more restoration funds.
I let my shield absorb the internal organs and other parts that will rot easily. Just as the day was over, we finally reached Forest Village
The village has been partially destroyed and the survivors were living in the relatively untouched houses.
We were able to rest comfortably because the inn-keeper vacated a room in a safe inn.

“… I want to help with the restoration, but I can’t afford to waste time…”(Naofumi)

It seems I’m relying on the group of Forest Villagers today.
Board and meal was provided for free at the inn as gratitude for getting rid of the Chimera corpse.

“Let’s see. Although we profited, the people of the village also profited.”(Naofumi)

I had a fellow from the village who could read and write provide me with a table of this world’s letters.
It is easy to understand, similar to an ABC table. The Alphabet table in English.
Raphtalia and I slowly decipher the letters while trying to pronounce it out loud.

The decoding was very difficult.
However, for the time being there is no rush to learn the letters too quickly.
After making medicine, I made an effort to memorize the letters.

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