Chapter 30 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

It seems using emoticons is not to 4chan’s liking…… apologies for being a newfag.
Anyways here is chapter 30. All dat Firo.

Edited by: MythosIX
Transformation Ability

Naofumi:”Oyaji! Oyaji! Oyaji! Oyaji!”
(Tl note: Changed the rest of Oyaji to Old man, it would be a little weird spam old man 4 times.)

I constantly knocked on the door of the closed weapon shop.
The old man from the weapons shop opened the door with a slightly annoyed expression.

Old Man: “What does the lad of the shield want now? I closed the shop long ago.”
Naofumi: “This situation is special!”

I show Firo who was wrapped in a mantle to him.

Old Man: “Lad, did you come here to boast about buying a good slave?”
Naofumi: “Of course not!”

What does this old man think of me!?
Though, when I met the old man, I could kill without hesitation.

Firo: “Master~? What’s wrong?”
Naofumi: “You be quiet!”
Firo: “Noo-”

Shit! What the hell is going on!?
After that affair, the noise never stopped.
I’m surprised that the slave trader wanted to buy her off me while not listening to the complaints of his subordinates.
Even Raphtalia was speechless.
I told Firo that if she wants to stick to me, she needs to be in human form.
Thus, I carried Firo here to the weapons shop.

Firo: “Ah… Achoo!”

Bofun! Biriiiiii!
She transforms and all I heard was the sound of the mantle ripping.
In the blink of an eye, Firo reverts back to her Queen of the Philorial (Temporary) form.
This bird! That mantle wasn’t free.

Old Man: “Hey…”

Even the old man is at a loss for words. I looked up at Firo.
Firo returned to her human form and holds my hand.
All that’s left of the mantle rests on top of her head.

Naofumi: “Do you understand the circumstances now?”
Old Man: “Yeah…”

The old man guides us inside the store with a really complex expression.

Old Man: “So, the reason you came to see me is to get equipment for this child?”
Naofumi: “Are there any clothes that can transform with the user?”

I asked the old man for the unreasonable.

Naofumi: “Please make it transform!”
Old Man: “Lad, calm down a little.”

Right, now that I think about it, why does Firo have a humanoid form?
She has wings growing from her back, blond hair, and fair blue eyes. Very angel-like.
Furthermore, her face is cute enough to be a lovely picture.
Her age looks around 10 and is about the same height as the old Raphtalia.
A very classic sound.

Firo: “Master~ I’m hungry.”
Naofumi: “Endure it.”
Firo: “Nooo-”

Damn! What am I supposed to do!?

Old Man: “Well, let’s just have some dinner first.”

The old man brings us to the back of the shop and takes out a pot full of something. It’s soup.

Naofumi: “Sto-”
Firo: “Waaa, Itadakimasu~”

Firo takes the pot from the old man and pours all of the contents into her mouth.

Firo: “N-…..It tastes ok I guess~”

I returned the pot to the old man.
He was dumbfounded and just stared at me.

Naofumi: “Ummm, sorry.”
Old Man: “Lad, treat me to a meal later.”

I’ll learn from this mistake.

Old Man: “Hmmm… Well, I know there are clothes for Demi-humans that transform… But this is a weapon shop, what you are looking for is in a clothing shop.”
Naofumi: “I am with a naked girl in the middle of the night, where am I supposed to find a clothing shop that won’t reject me!?”
Old man: “That’s true… Wait here a little.”

The old man went to the back of the shop and all I heard was rustling.

Old Man: “Don’t expect too much since I don’t have anything in her size.”
Naofumi: “I understand”

After a while, the old man came back.

Old Man:”Damn. I don’t have any clothes that will fit her transformed size.”
Naofumi: “What!”

This is already my last resort… What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to answer when people ask me why there is a naked little girl without parents in my care?
My reputation is already bad enough, but this will make it take another nose dive.

Firo: “Master-”
Naofumi: “Don’t you dare transform!”

There is no item that keeps a demon in her human form. As expected, humanoid demons are extremely rare.

Firo: “Nooo-”

Ku……What the hell is wrong with this child!
She’s refusing everything I told her to do.
Is this the rebellious phase? No, that’s impossible, she was born a few days ago.

Naofumi: “Then how about this. If you will stay in your human form, we can sleep together.”

After hearing that, Firo has a big smile on her face and tightly holds my hand.

Naofumi: “Sigh…… why do we have to sleep together.”
Firo: “Because I’m lonely”
Old Man: “Lad…… Are you serious?”

I did not come to this world to baby-sit…

Old Man: “Anyway, where is Raphtalia?”
Raphtalia: “I finally caught up”

Raphtalia entered the shop building while panting.

Raphtalia: “Because you suddenly ran off, I looked everywhere…”
Naofumi: “Sorry, my bad.”
Firo: “Ah, Raphtalia onee-chan.”

Firo energetically waves.

Firo: “I’m not giving Master to you~”
Raphtalia?: “What is this child saying!”
Naofumi: “No you’re not, I’m not yours. In fact you two belong to me.”

As slaves.

Old Man: “Well, there’re no suitable clothes for you today, just return later.”
Naofumi?: “Ah, sorry for the disturbance”
Firo: “Thanks for the meal.”
Old Man: “I’m always surprised by you, lad.”

We left the weapons shop and walked towards the inn when Raphtalia says.

Raphtalia: “Ah, the slave…..Demon dealer called.”
Naofumi: “Hm? Understood.”

We returned to the tent, only to be welcomed by the slave trader.

Slave Trader: “Well, that was certainly a surprising development. Yup.”
Naofumi: “Yeah.”
Slave Trader: “Well, as it turns out, because of eye witness testimony, that is actually a Philorial Queen.”
Naofumi: “Oh? You know about her?”
Slave Trader: “Yup. I think I understand, Hero of the Shield-sama.”

What’s with this slave trader’s pretentious expression?

Slave Trader: “You don’t understand?”
Naofumi: “Hurry and say it.”

The slave trader pointed at Firo who is in her humanoid form, wearing nothing but a tattered mantle.

Slave Trader: “The Philorial Queen has advanced transformation abilities. Therefore, it changed itself into a normal Philorial to escape attention. At least that’s our hypothesis.”

No wonder… If I was in a similar circumstance, I’m sure I would decide to disguise myself too.
That’s reasonable.

Slave Trader: “Iyahaha. As expected of the Hero of the Shield-sama, to be able to raise a Philorial Queen in such a short time. Yup.”
Naofumi: “What?”
Slave Trader: “Did you raise a Philorial Queen, or is it a Philorial Queen because you raised it?”

I understand what the slave trader is saying. This fellow is trying to learn a method on how to produce Philorial Kings from me, and then mass producing.
It is classified as a considerably rare demon due to it’s transformation abilities. Although it stinks, the profits would be massive.

Naofumi: “Maybe that’s just the power of the legendary shield hero.”

I believed this was due to the power of Growth Correction. I couldn’t explain how to do this naturally.

Slave Trader: “Then, can you tell me how you do it? For a price of course.”
Naofumi: “That’s not what I mean.”
Slave Trader: “How about raising another Philorial, for free of course-”
Naofumi: “No thanks!”

My wallet won’t last if there is another mouth to feed. The clothes for Firo won’t be free either. If the expenses increase any more, it will be dangerous.

Slave Trader: “Ha~a…… Well, if you change your mind, please come and find me.”
Naofumi: “We’ll see.”

Uah……This slave trader’s eyes are sparkling
I feel sick.

Naofumi: “This fellow ate meat from the boss of the last wave. I think the possibility of influence from that can’t be ignored.”

Well, this feels a little forced anyway.
But it is the truth that Firo ate chimera meat, so I’m not lying.

Slave Trader: “I see…Well, that’s too bad then.”

The slave trader withdraws reluctantly.

Slave Trader: “Anyway, I’ll buy your Philorial any time. Yup”
Naofumi: “I’ll decline if I can.”
Slave Trader: “You can accumulate money easily.”
Naofumi: “Well, if the need arises.”

I am aware of the fact that I have become a miser.

Raphtalia: “Is your conversation over?”
Naofumi: “Yeah.”
Naofumi?: “Let’s go over there.”
Firo?: “What?”

Firo entered the conversation with a question mark over her head.

Naofumi: “This is your treat.”
Firo: “Master~ let’s sleep together~”
Raphtalia: “I forbid it!”
Firo: “Not Fair! Raphtalia onee-chan monopolises Master.”
Raphtalia: “I do not!”

You guys are noisy.

Naofumi: “Well then, Firo, go to the barn and sleep.”
Firo: “No!”

I was refused by this bird easily.

Firo: “I want to sleep with Master~”

I am reminded of a child who wants to sleep with their parents…

Naofumi: “Well, it can’t be helped.”
Raphtalia: “Naofumi-sama!?”
Naofumi: “It’s fine to be selfish to this degree, it’s just sleeping together.”
Raphtalia: “Well… Me too”

Raphtalia muttered words that I couldn’t hear.

Naofumi: “But, you must not be naked in public!”
Firo: “Okay!”

Do you really understand? Oh well, it’s fine. I hope that the old man from the weapon shop has something tomorrow.
I head back to the inn and pay the storekeeper for another night.
Hmm… Should I study or continue compounding? Well, at least Firo is in human form.

Firo: “Waa! A soft bed!”

I decided to sleep early today while watching Firo bounce around on the bed.

It’s hot…
Why is it so hot!?

Naofumi: “Uu…”

My body can’t move.
What is going on?
When I open my eyes fearfully, all I can see is white.
I seem to be wrapped in feathers.

Firo?: “Suu……Suu…..”

The bed breathes!
I slowly lift my head, It seems the bed I was sleeping on is Firo’s true form.
Firo seems to have returned to her original form after falling asleep. Without her knowing, she started holding me as a hugging pillow.

Naofumi: “Get up you fat bird!”

I told you not to return to your true form!

Firo: “Yan”

It seems this fellow’s true form is able to speak now.

Raphtalia: “Wh-What’s going on!”

Raphtalia who is half asleep shouts at me.

Naofumi: “Oh, Raphtalia, Help!”

This fellow isn’t even getting up after I hit her. It is my fault for lacking any offensive abilities.

Raphtalia: “Get up Firo!”

Firo: “MunyaMunya……Ma~ster~”

Firo rolls and flops onto the floor.
I heard an unpleasant creaking sound from the wooden floor. It seems to be at its limit.

Naofumi: “Get up!”

But there is no sign of Firo stirring while hugging me.

Raphtalia: “Get up!”

Raphtalia wrenches open Firo’s arm which was hugging me
I was somehow able to escape through the gap.

Naofumi: “Fu…… What a terrible morning”
Firo: “Nnya?”

It seems when the sensation of hugging me was gone, Firo woke up.
Firo noticed Raphtalia and I glaring at her and tilts her neck.

Firo: “What happened?”
Naofumi: “First of all, change back to your human form.”
Firo: “Eh? When did I change?”

Ku! I didn’t want to do this but it can’t be helped!
I choose the demon icon from the status magic and change the settings to whatever I say becoming absolute.
Any order cannot be disobeyed if I do this.

Naofumi: “Become a humanoid!”

I commanded Firo

Firo: “No… I want to sleep with Master more~”

The demon crest appears on Firo’s abdomen because she went against my orders.

Firo?: “Eh?”
Naofumi: “If you don’t listen it’ll hurt.”

The demon crest on Firo’s body glows red.

Firo: “Yan”

A Geometric pattern appears on Firo’s wing and moves towards the demon crest.
With a fizzle, the demon crest became silent again.

Naofumi: “Ha?”

I checked the demon icon. It seems the command for absolute obedience was removed.
I tried to apply it again but nothing happens.
This demon won’t listen to a thing I say?
Shit! I bought a demon because I expected it to follow my orders.
Slave trader… Wash your neck because I’m coming for you.

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