Chapter 52 of Shieldbro & Co Vs Kimono Chick

Meteor Attack~

Chapter 52

Grow Up

“It should be around here……I think”
“I think so too”

A big wine red crack is spreading from the ground, and is the foundation of the wave.
One after another demons crawl out from there.


There is a fish-like ghost that is pure white, has red eyes, a big wide mouth with fangs, and a brutal countenance.
But, it’s lying down.
Did the big game from the waves already die?
It’s very ghost-like…… There is a feeling that physical attacks will not work on this demon.

“A fish?”
“What the hell is this……”
“Hmm…… This doesn’t look like too difficult of an enemy.”
“You think so?”
“Normal attacks won’t be effective. Only magic should have an effect.”

There is knowledge from net games about requiring magic attacks.

“Then Firo can fight!”
“Huh? Won’t a kick not work?”
“Yup. Firo, can also use attack magic?”
“Say that from the beginning!”
“Noo. Kicking is faster than magic.”

Sigh…… Firo does not understand how useful magic can be.
Asking the person in question for answers is like trying to grasp clouds.

“Did those guys beat the boss?”

Where are they?
As I look around restlessly there are sounds of clashing metal.

“Over there?”
“You’re right. Let’s go over there”

Firo also hears it, so we run towards the direction of the sound.

“Rinbu Rei no Kata ・Gyaku Shiki Setsugekka!”
(Tl note: I am not translating the name of attacks, unless you want something like Circular Dance Model Zero ・ Reverse of Sub Zero Flowers.)

The sky that is stained with red starts to shine.
When I look up there is a red moon that looks like it was cast by an antagonist.
Then, something in the form of a person drew a circle through it and then there was a red flash.


We arrived as simultaneous screams erupted.
Motoyasu, Ren, and Ituski are trapped within a tornado, whole their companions are collapsed all over the place.


What on earth happened here?
From what I can tell the enemy fired off a huge magic attack at this place.
No, no, these guys should be considerably high levelled. They shouldn’t have been defeated so easily.
But, What is going on?
Motoyasu was tossed near us.

“Meteor Spear should have hit……”

Ren mutters in response to Motoyasu.

“Metoer Sword should have worked……”

And Itsuki.

“Meteor Bow should have done something……”
(Tlnote: 流星弓,流星剣,流星槍 10/10 naming sense.)

“……Do you guys want to be popular?”

The heroes have all fainted. Well, I think they aren’t dead yet.
Meteor…… is that hip?

“Are you their reinforcements?”

After the tornado stops a person appears from the centre.
This fellow is wearing a jet black kimono with silver embroidery, it feels like clothes that are to be worn during a funeral back in my world.
There stood a beautiful girl. Her face in no way inferior to Raphtalia.
Her personality seems serious, and her hair is long.
But, something is off. Sometimes, she looks slightly translucent, just like a ghost.
Her weapon is an iron fan. holding an iron fan with both hands, seems like a dance.
This human shaped woman seems to be victor here.

“The heroes of this world seem to be all bark and no bite, quite a disappointment.”

That……human shaped woman declares as she turns around.

“Master~, this person is very strong.”

Firo informs me while all the feathers on her body stand on end.

“Yes, I feel a strong pressure here. This strength is far from a normal demon.”

Raphtalia also warns me while her tail is standing up.

“So you defeated these fools?”

I step on the fucking woman’s unconscious face while asking.

“Hmm…… Is that how you treat your companions?”

It seems the woman in the kimono does not like my attitude.

“I apologize, but you can’t be any more incorrect about her being my companion.”

After trampling her face about 3 more times my anger is a little appeased.

“Doesn’t matter, what you are doing is unjust.”
“Speaking of unjust, this bitch has done far crueller acts. I have quite a grudge.”
“Master is like a villain~”
“Shut up”
“I do not have a just argument for the enemy……”

Raphtalia is a little amazed as she mutters.
The gallery is being annoying.

“Can Firo do that too?”

Firo raises her foot and aims it at Motoyasu.

“Stop it, if you do it he will die.”

The enemy seems a little amazed at our attitude.

“……Although they are not your companions, your actions are not that of a just human’s.”
“Say whatever you like”
“Well, I lost in this world, but I cannot leave.”

The enemy charges with her iron fan.
That’s fast!
I raise my shield at once.
Damn……That’s very heavy.
Even the zombie dragon did not have so much weight behind it’s attacks.
Such a heavy attack from an iron fan, it would seriously be dangerous if Raphtalia or Firo took one of these.

“Raphtalia, Firo! Be careful……She’s strong.”

“I am the Hero of the shield who deciphers and calls forth the power of nature to defend!”
“Fast Guard!”

After I cast support magic on all three of us, the fight begins.
The opponent grasped my intention so she changed locations. We chased.
So that other heroes and their companions would not wake up and interfere.
She probably took down the boss of the wave too.
I receive painful wounds from the iron fan whenever I receive an attack anywhere besides my shield.
Whenever I have some room I cast heal on myself, but this is very intense.
Her attacks are not only quick, they are also extremely strong.
She tried to change her aim to Raphtalia and Firo but I prevent her.

“As if I’d let you!”

So to obstruct her I pulled her leg.

“Ugh……Release me immediately!”

However, you cannot remove my restraints with something like that.

“Are you the same combat type?……This is more troublesome than those people before.”

The enemy remains nonchalant even after being subjected to Snake’s Poison Fang (Intermediate).
As for her defence, I had to put that under serious reconsideration after she blocked an attack from Raphtalia and Firo.
In any chase, she’s strong. In everything.
The fact that the other heroes got defeated is proof enough.

“Master, Watch Firo’s magic~”

Firo crosses her left hand over her right, and rushes towards the enemy.

“Here I come~”

For a moment, yes only a moment, Firo turned into a blur.
A shock that vibrates from impact is felt through the enemy.


The enemy has a face full of agony.

“Seriously…… this person is so obstinate. To receive Firo’s attack and not fly away.”
“such a heavy attack…… It’s strength rival’s that of the Hero of the Sword. To kick me that heavily eith times in an instant……”

Eh? You can see Firo’s attacks?

“Firo, do it again!”
“Eh……Impossible, My magic power is exhausted and it takes time to prepare.”

Was that Firo’s sure kill attack?

“Eat this!”

Raphtalia pierces the opening.


The iron fan intercept the sword at the last moment.


Raphtalia’s sword broke?
Just how much strength does she have. Originally iron fans can break swords, but that requires complete mastery.
Even though I applied Fast Guard, I am barely able to block with my shield.
And Firo has already used her trump card.


Rapthalia backs off and pulls out a spare.
Is there any way to win……

“Huff…..Huff……That’s quite enough.”

No, we may have a chance if this becomes a battle of attrition.
This fellow fought against all 3 other heroes and their companions.
No matter who you are there should still be fatigue.

“I’ll end it with this.”

The enemy’s whole body starts glowing.
That’s bad! This is the same attack that took out the those 3″

“Raphtalia, Firo!”

The enemy starts to rotate at high speed like a dance.
Raphtalia and Firo hide behind me, although just barely they were able to make it.

“Shield Prison!”

A cage made out of shields and magic surrounds us.

“Rinbu Rei no Kata ・Gyaku Shiki Setsugekka!”

A great storm descends from the iron-fan and starts cutting down my shields.


what an incredible attack. No wonder the other heroes got swept up in it, even I am barely able to hold.

“You two, are you okay?”
“It hurts……”

When I look back both of them looked like they’ve taken considerable damage.
I applied heal ointment onto the wounds.
Because of the ranged cure skill, their wounds were gradually cured.

“Really?……To receive my trump and stand……Your defence is quite something.”

The tornado stops, and the enemy appears again.

“I am honoured by your praise.”

Though I am quite beat up, we haven’t lost yet.
But we have nothing to get us out of this pinch.


Firo moves at high speeds and damages the enemy little by little. This will be a long battle.
Whether or not we can win this battle of attrition is doubtful.
What to do……
There is only one move in this circumstance that can reverse the situation.


I catch Raphtalia who falls down.

“What’s wrong?”
“Lend me your power……”

It seems Raphtalia guessed what I was going to do.

“Okay. I am Naofumi-sama’s sword. Even if you go through hell I will follow.”
“……I know”

I believe it.
There is no fear at all that my trust will be betrayed.
But if I lose here, then Raphtalia and Firo will die……
Though I dislike to, I wish with all my heart that I want to protect by all means.
I will absolutely not get consumed by anger. I swear so……
I place my hand on my shield and think.
Shield of Anger!

Growth Up due to stone of the Zombie Dragon.
Ability improvement of the Curse Series, Shield of Anger!
Shield of Anger 2
Ability Unsealed……Equipment Bonus: Skill “Change Shield (Attack)” “Iron Maiden”
Special Effect: Self-Burning Curse Physical Strength Up Rage of the Dragon Roar Frenzy of Companions

Is this the last memory of the dragon that I absorbed into my shield? A scene is projected.
A part of the chest and the middle of the forehead is pierced by the Hero of the Sword.
The anger felt is far beyond imagination.
I lost to that human. I was able to understand how much of a humiliation it was for the dragon
Grow Up……Like hell!?
The shape of the shield changed from one surrounded by flame to one that resembles a dragon.
Furthermore, in conjunction with the shield, Barbarian Armour +1 also changed.
Is the cause from……The decaying dragon core?
The Rider Suit changes to look like a Jet-Black Dragon.

And as compensation, a black shadow clouds my view……

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