Chapter 56 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

It’s time for some Melty.
Chapter 56

Shield Demon

“Let’s continue peddling.”
“I guess. Travelling expenses and the cost of weapons can get pretty expensive.”
“I think so too.”
“Though our food costs for a certain bird is the highest.”

The Mileage to Food cost ratio on our bird is not negligible, but our horsepower is amazing.
Feeding a demon is ridiculous, the sheer quantity required is impossible to sustain.
So before all my money is consumed I need to earn more.
We should be fine selling things in the villages and towns we stay at.
While thinking so our treat begins. but……

“I finally caught up!”

It is now evening.
The goddamn kid from the castle town caught up with us.
While peddling I decided on an inn.

“What a persistent brat.”
“We haven’t finished talking yet!”
“Whatever. It’s about your father. So what?”
“So what!? You suck!”

The goddamn kid’s face instantly turns red. Quite an emotional kid.
It’s annoying and hysteric.

“My father is angry at the shield.”
“I see, that’s great.”
“No it’s not!”

This annoying brat.
After deciding on a place to stay the hotel charges are paid. I want to ignore her, but she is very persistent.
I wonder how far she intends to chase. I want to ask and make sure.

“What’s wrong?”

Firo got bored of playing nearby and came back.By the way, even if a party member beats a demon far away I still get a little experience.
Sometimes all those minuscule experience gains block my view while peddling.
Though Firo brings me materials under the pretence of souvenirs.


The goddamn kid stops and watches Firo again.

“Are you the Philo Rial that pulled the carriage?”
“Yeah, you understand.”
“You are different from all the Philo Rial that I know of. It’s my first time seeing one that looks like a child.”

To be fair, only a few people have actually seen a Philo Rial Queen. We might be the only ones in the country.

“Master, did you need anything?”
“We are talking!”
“Start from the beginning.”

Firo has been talking with her since they met.

“Shouldn’t you be chirping?”
“Nope. Firo can speak words~”
“Ehehe I’m amazing.”

The goddamn kid approaches Firo and touches her.
Firo doesn’t seem to mind.
Oh their mental ages are probably similar.
……I can use this.

“If Firo agrees to it she can take her Philo Rial form and you two can go out and play together.”
“Yeah, go play until you’re finished and then return.”

The goddamn kid pats Firo with a smile.

“Master. What about Firo?”
“Play with the child. I order you not to injure her.”

Firo saddles the little shit on her back.
Her expression instantly brightens.

“Yaay! We’re so high!”
“Let’s go play!”

They happily run off together.
The knights chase after them with a perplexed expression.

“It’s finally quite again.”
“Naofumi-sama, your expression right now is very evil.”
“There’s no problems. That goddamn brat is probably going to forget any grudges she has after this.”
“Goddamn brat…… Naofumi-sama do you dislike kids?”
“Not particularly. If I disliked them I would have abandoned you and Firo a long time ago.
“Well, that’s true.”

I hate her because she is accusing me.
I’d like to avoid any falling sparks if possible.

“When we enter the neighbouring country they should stop.”

If she’s an animal enthusiast and will just play with Firo it’ll be fine.

“……I guess.”

That day, Firo did not come back until very late.
It seems they were very exited about having new friends and played a lot, well it’s good that they are happy about it.
By the way the name of that goddamn kid is Mel-chan.

Next morning.
After eating a light breakfast we leave the inn quickly. On the Road.


I crease my brows and face palm.
I knew this was going to happen, but to think she would be this quick.
I already forgot about the fellow when we departed this morning.

“Ah, it’s Mel-Chan”

Since Firo stopped I got off the carriage to welcome the goddamn kid.

“You should be glad Firo-chan I won’t have the Hero of the Shield apologize if we can play!”
“I’m sorry. Are we done?”
“Don’t apologize to me, do it to father!”

So annoying.
I can’t deal with her.

“If you don’t apologize everyone won’t be forgiven.”

So she says, as the knight behind her pulls out a sword.
You want to fight?
Against a Hero?
Huh? The guy behind the goddamn brat is pointing a crystal ball at me.
What’s that?
Suddenly I notice.

This guy……He’s not looking at me.

I feel a chill run up my spine.
This foreboding feeling ,and atmosphere reminds me of when I was deceived by that bitch.
This atmosphere that I encountered the past few months of trying to plunge another into despair.

I charge the Knight at once.
And my premonition becomes reality.
The knight aims his sword at the goddamn kid.

“Air Strike Shield!”

The goddamn brats starts to scream. I immediately cast Air Strike Shield to intercept.

“……What the hell are you doing!”

I stand in front of the goddamn kid and glare at the enemy.

“You Shield! how dare you hold a princess hostage!”

Regardless of who you are looking after, isn’t it weird to call them princess?
The goddamn kid seems to know what’s going on and her face turns blue.

“The shield is evil! I’ve known since the beginning.”

The enemies are attacking us while saying so.
I protect the goddamn kid by pulling her close.
Gakin, the clashing of metal resounds in the area.


The enemy starts to cast magic that rains fire.
Can’t be helped. I’ll cover the goddamn kid with my mantle to protect her from magic.

“You……Demon of the Shield!”
“Firo, Raphtalia!”

As per my instructions. Raphtalia and Firo charges the enemy.
Just as we counter attack the enemy retreats on horseback.


Firo’s leg power overwhelms horses. One of them is instanly blown off.

“Ah, it’s the devil!”

Additionally, we pursue the enemy and continue attacking, one , two, some were captured but a few of them managed to get away.

“what the hell is wrong with these guys.”

Were they not the goddamn brat’s guards?
A princess huh.
I have no choice but to perform a few interrogations here.
I ask the enemies who are bound by rope.

“Now then, you bastards, tell me you are trying to kill a child. Only the reason.”
“As If I have anything to say to a devil”

Devil, huh. It’s been a while since I’ve been straight up called that.
Regardless of who it’s always Hero of the Shield.

“You. Do you understand what’s happening to you?”

I give instructions to Firo.


The enemy’s face turns blue.

“I will sacrifice myself for god…… God will lead me to heaven.”

Against these kinds of fanatics threats will not work.

“Hey brat, you have any ideas?”

The goddamn brat shakes her head in fear.

“Say, what religion do you believe in? It’ll probably be to some stupid god anyway.”
“The three Heroes Church! You damn Devil! You dare mock God?”

As I thought. These fools can’t stand it when their religion is mocked.
Now, if I can skilfully manipulate him with insults I may be able to get some information.

“The religion of this country.”

Raphtalia mutters alone.

“Do you know about it?”
“This country mostly believes in the teachings of the Three Heroes. I did not believe since my parents were from a different religion.”
“……Then this guy is just using religion as a tool for personal gains.”
“Ah, Yeah”

I find a Rosary-like Accessory on the people who Raphtalia tied up.

“I’m going to place this on the ground.”

What a strange symbol. Three weapons pile on top of each other.
Sword, Spear, and Bow?
Quite an unpleasant line up of weapons.

“Now, I will step on this tool if you guys don’t speak obediently.”

The enemy’s cry stops me.
That was quite early……
Is this lump of metal so important?
Rather than anything special, it just reminds me of a fashion accessory, it doesn’t even have any special effects.
Though it might just be the case for me since people in my world start wars for religion.

“Look at this.”

I repeatedly stomp on the strange symbol with my foot.

“You devil of the shield! God will never forgive such acts!”
“I know, now tell me quickly why you’re trying to kill her. Or is this the degree of your faith? Huh?”
“To think there would be a devil stepping on god’s symbol right in front of you. Shouldn’t god be on your side?”

It’s the opposite of the loyalty test.
Since this guy recognizes me as the devil, he will not stand by as I perform barbaric acts.

“If you spit it out I’ll stop.”
“I’m not going to listen to anything a d-devil has to say.”
“ah I see.”

I stomp on the symbol hard enough that it sinks into the ground.

“You bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!”

Hmm…… I wonder what happened.
Did he finally realise his position?

“Hey brat, who is this guy anyway?”

The goddamn brat still seems to be recovering from the fear of almost being killed.

“Mel-chan. Master and Firo is here so you’ll be alright.”

The goddamn kid collects herself, gives me a look and mutters.

“Uhm. These people are my father’s knights.”
“That reminds me, who is your father?”
“Yeah, which noble family are you from?”

Not nobility? Then what is it?
She looks considerably well-bred, is she the daughter of a famous merchant?
Daughter of the accessory merchant? Though there should be no reason for malice if that’s the case.
……From this guy’s speech and behaviour her dad should be quite powerful and respected.
I still think she’s some noble’s daughter.

“Father is the king of this country.”
“Holt Clay = Merlot Mark the 32nd. I am Melty = Merlot Mark……This country’s princess.”
(Tl note: Holt Clay…… as expected of the trash. If anyone has a better name let me know.オルトクレイ=メルロマルク32世。私はメルティ=メルロマルク……この国の第二王女)

Thus, I somehow became embroiled in a ridiculous conspiracy.

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