Chapter 66 Firo Vs Fitoria Edition

Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng Melty and Fitoria
Vote what to call the chocobos
Firo stays as Firo regardless of what wins.
Chapter 66



Firo attacks first.
She jumps with all her might and reaches the belly of Fitoria’s gigantic figure.


Fitora flaps her wings and dodges swiftly.


While Firo was landing back on the ground, Fitoria slices at her with a wing.


Firo barely avoids the wing by diving to the side.

“Firo-chan do you best!”

Melty loudly cheers her on.


The Philorials similarly support Fitoria with their cries.

“I will not lose~!”

Firo charges up to Fitoria.


Fitoria tries to bat Firo away using her wings, but Firo dexterously uses the wing as a scaffold and jumps for her face.

“Wow! Amazing~!”

Firo’s attack unfortunately ends in failure, but she calls out in admiration.

“Very fast. But I won’t lose.”

After taking a stance with her wings Firo begins preparing.
Are you going to suddenly use your special ability?

“Yay, here it come~”

Firo’s body becomes a blur.
In the next moment, a loud wham could be heard……


At first glance, it seemed Fitora was slowly waving her wings up and down.


Firo was blown into the air and knocked around.
After being Forced to expand her wings to control the air flow, Firo lands.

“To think you would dodge Firo’s trump card so easily-”

Fitoria puts one of her wings on her waist and taunts Firo.
To act in such a carefree attitude.
Brushing off Firo’s ultimate attack just like that……

“As expected of the legendary Philorial.”

Melty expresses her admiration.
I agree.
What can I say. Our combat expert Firo is being toyed with.

“How about this!”

Firo flaps her wings again.

“Firo commands the origin of power. Firo has read and deciphered a law of nature. Blow her away with a raging tornado!”
“Tzuvait ・Tornado!”

To think Firo could use intermediate magic! I doubt she could teach me……
If you could have always used it, then you should have.
We could have ran away from those heroes easily if that spell was used.
The tornado brought forth from Firo’s hands flies towards Fitoria-


Firo’s magic was enclosed and dissipated like it was never there.


Oh, that’s a phenomenon that was described in the beginner class magic book.
Interfering with magic. However, that is only possible if the user has sufficient power and is able to analyse the magic as it is cast.
The proper magic system required varies every time.
It is difficult because the magic cast to counterbalance must be from the proper system, and also must be cast right before the magic hits.
It is easier to counterbalance high class magic than intermediate class magic due to longer cast times.

“Wow……Firo’s magic is not effective either~”

Firo charges rapidly Fitoria again.
Without delay Fitoria strikes at Firo with her massive wings.


With a thud, Firo raised both her wings to catch the colossal attack

“Ugh……It’s heavy……But”

After barely withstanding the attack, Firo kicks Fitora’s wing away and jumps.
As expected, Fitoria who had her wing kicked away was not in position to defend against Firo who flew up to her face.
Thanks to coating herself with wind Firo’s jumping power improved.


Firo spun her whole body and unleashed a roundhouse kick at Fitoria’s face.

It should have hit.
Yet despite all that,


Fitora was also coated with wind, and Firo was blown off into the sky.
Still, Fitoria was slightly grazed and a feather was hit off.


Fitora was watching the feather that Firo hit down with a smile.
I noticed it.
Fitoria still has a something besides magic and physical attacks. There is still something she is hiding.
She hasn’t moved one step either.
Just how strong is she?
Legendary Philorial. She certainly lives up to those words. Firo is being taken lightly.
She has absolutely no chance of winning.


Firo is whining with an ill-humoured expression.

“I will not lose!”

All of Firo’s feathers start to stand on end.


She takes a giant breath.I see, Firo is absorbing the surrounding magic.
Such a thing is possible?
And for nearly 30 seconds she does not move.


Firo flaps her wings.
Everyone can see that wind magic is being condensed behind her.
This is most likely Firo’s strongest finisher.
The prerequisite is too severe. It’s not usable in actual combat.

“Here it comes!”

Firo flies at Fitoria with the speed of a bullet.
She rotates her beak, by dashing off the ground and flying low. This attack is the fastest by far.
Usually Firo’s attacks consist of basic kicking and pecking.
What can I say. This attack resembles the finisher from an air-plane shaped robot in a strategy game.
(Tl note: An anon kindly informed me of what this was referencing. )


Even Fitoria widened her eyes in surprise.
With a large step, Firotia takes a step back and……
It was over.

Fitoria stretched both her wings and her expression changed, her posture resembled one killing bugs with both hands, and squishes Firo.


When Fitoria opens her wings and a knocked-out Firo falls down.


The Philorials start cheering.
We follow after Melty who rushes out first.

“Are you okay?”

As Melty rushes up to Firo to check on her, Firo looks up at me.
After looking around restlessly I look down at her.

“Firo lost.”
“But you did great.You fought well against the Queen of Philorials.”
“She wasn’t even trying, Firo couldn’t hit her at all.”

As Firo was sulking Firotia called with KueKue.

“What are you giving me?”

Oh, we’re going to receive something?

“I pass? Pass what?”

Fitoria pulls off a single piece of her beautiful feather crown and gives it to Firo.
Suddenly, the feather glows and is attaches itself to Firo’s head.
Then it splits and disperses……
On Firo’s head is now an ahoge bouncing around.


Raphtalia and I are left speechless.
What just happened?What was that a reward?

“Firo-chan is so cute!”

Melty is excitedly admiring Firo while the bird in question doesn’t understand what is going on.

“Did something happen?”

When I point on top of her, Firo timidly touches her head.

“Something strange grew! No~!”

She yanked it out with all her might.

“It hurts~!”

Firo is delighted about getting rid of the ahoge, but is also in pain.
However, from where it was pulled out another ahoge appears.

“It grew again!”

With watery eyes Firo sadly gave up on removing the ahoge after pulling it out several times.
Well, the ahoge isn’t that bad.

“Kue Kue”
“You’re terrible~!”
“What did she say?”
“Give up on pulling it because it will always grow back.”
“Kue Kue”
“Eh……So its become like that……”

Firo looks at Fitoria’s feather crown.
What on earth did this legendary Philorial pass down to Firo?
I swiftly check Firo’s status screen.

……Her abilities have improved from before.

Perhaps, this is divine protection or something like a correction ability.
It’s a good reward for Firo who is unable to level up.

“Kue Kue”

Fitora points at me and beckons me with a Kui Kui.

“It’s a gift for master.”
“I don’t need an ahoge.”

I’d rather not explain. If I tell her she’ll annoy me about it.

“Kue Kue”
“She said it’s even better.”

I don’t know what it is, but I hope it’s nothing strange.
I can’t really refuse, so I approach.

“Kue Kue”

Fitoria points at my shield and gestures upwards.

“Like this?”

I lift up my shield. Fitoria pulls out another crown feather and puts it on the shield.
The shield has a huge reaction and absorbs it.

All of the the Philorial series has been unsealed.


I check the skill tree and confirm that all of the Philorial shields are lit up and active.
Most of them are basic ability and equipment bonuses, there are Speed Ups too, Philorial ability correction, Growth Correction (Big Middle Small), Growth○○Correction (Big Middle Small) there are also shields received that I cannot wear.
What stands out is, Riding ability Up (Big Middle Small).
However, there are a lot of shields I cannot use since my level is insufficient.
It is nice to have unlocked all the Philo Rial shields though.

“I am extremely grateful.”
“Kue Kue”

Fitoria nodded while smiling.
I was given quite an amazing reward.
Are the powers of Philorials condensed into that feather?
This is also very helpful since Firo cannot Level.

That reminds me, Melty said that in the legends the Queen of Philorials fought together with heroes.
Is Fitoria the origin of the legend of the holy bird?
Does that mean Fitoriea gave me her feather because she understands how the hero’s weapon works?

“I have finished my business here so I will take my leave.”
“Ah, Umm……”

Melty timidly calls out to Fitoria.

“Please shake my hand!”

It is Melty’s cherished wish to meet and befriend the legendary Philorial so she pleas excitedly.
For a handshake…… Are you meeting an idol or an athlete?

“Kue Kue”

Fitoria was dumbfounded for a few seconds before she stroked melty’s head with her large wings.
And she was embraced kindly with a smile.
Melty sunk quite deep into Fitoria’s bossom.


It seems Melty has also received a large service and was placed on top of Fitoria’s head.

“So high!”

Melty is extremely thrilled.
Fitoria tells us to get back, and as we fall back.
She expands to twice her size……18 meters.
That’s as big as a building already.

“This is amazing!”

Melty’s voice could be heard in the distance. Isn’t that a bit too high?
Can this still be considered a Philorial? Just how much can it grow?
No, this form or it’s 9 meter form should be it’s orignal size, she is probably transforming.
……Will Firo become that big too?
I look at Firo suspiciously.

“What’s up?”

If you seriously grow that big……it’ll be quite a problem.
To sustain that size the food expense would be astronomical.
Fitoria lives in the wild. Moreover, she’s the genuine queen of the group. In those conditions eating regardless of amount would be fine.
But Firo is a pet Philorial. I have to take care of her.
Should I reuse the Bio Plants?

After Melty and Fitoria finished played, Fitoria changed back into form of a usual Philorial that pulled the luxurious carriage and shook Melt’s hand.

“You see. I have an old oath, I can only say words of parting to humans.”
“I see.”

I wonder if this is just courtesy.

“See ya-”

That voice is the same as Firo’s! That bird!
I mean she can even speak in the figure of a normal Philorial?
The Philorials surrounding us scattered when Firoria disappeared.


Melty sighed while seemingly enchanted.

“That was dreamlike……”
“It was a good dream.”

I feel that was a monster that is capable of Armageddon.
To effortlessly toy with Firo who has the strength to kick around a dragon.
Anyway, I am looking forward to how much Firo has powered up.
Our journey South West continues.

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