Chapter 100: Hot Spring

Done by an /a/non!

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33 Responses to Chapter 100: Hot Spring

  1. madmann135 says:

    Naofumi is almost as dense as Ichika Orimura, and Ichika’s denseness is LEGENDARY (and some think intentional).

    Fortunately for Raphtalia he does catch on and reciprocate… unfortunately his denseness is understandable and somewhat justified.
    Still I want to see those two being the [url=] Sickeningly Sweethearts [/url] we all know they are.

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  2. madmann135 says:

    He is not the most dense MC ever, that title belongs to Ichika Orimura. Naofumi sees Raphtalia as the youth she is mentally. In addition his denseness is somewhat justified because of the interesting circumstances he is in.

    We all know that eventually they will get together and when they do become an official couple, they become the Sickeningly Sweethearts couple we all know they are.


    • Prometheus says:

      Agreed. Unlike other “dense” MCs, he became that way because of Bitch and Trash. I think he admitted that in a previous chapter. Hopefully, as time goes on, they become a great couple, along with the Firo and Melty harem.

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    • Well, he did raise her from the physical body of a 10 year old, it’d be kinda creepy if he did have romantic feelings for her as a woman at this point, give it time, he’ll notice eventually, or Raphtalia might just come out and say it, she is pretty bold after all.


    • Adrix Shadow says:

      The mention of the effect of a “relationship” on war potential is pretty brutal.
      Raphtalia has absolutely no chance until after the waves.
      There is no way he is going to risk battle effectiveness.

      This not only denseness but also greediness.


  3. jerails says:

    You know the pot calls the kettle black when it’s Motoyasu who’s calling Naofumi out for being a dense motherfucker.


  4. k says:

    He really dense (facepalm)


  5. Zealy says:

    T-T Wuh. Poor Raphtalia.


  6. troublingmink59 says:

    Now I want to be motoyasu long enough to kill naofumi.


  7. nckeo says:

    Naofumi probably can face a seductive succubus without problem…


  8. Edradred says:

    Warning: Density approaching singularity, black hole imminent. Evacuate area immediately.

    But like the other commenters said, I agree that at least his density is justified. So while I slam my head against the wall at his impossible density, at least I am not slamming my head against the wall because of a stupid plot device.


  9. Dual Blades says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Poor Raphtalia… I look forward to the day they Naofumi finally notices her!


  10. armorpiercer says:

    Naofumi, you dense motherfucker


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