Chapter 107: Cal Mira Island End

Chapter 107 by Yoraikun!

Inlitify OA

A short chapter. Nothing really happens. Things are going smoothly…

CHAPTER 107: Cal Mira Island End

The Next Day

I defeat a boss called Karma Penguin and check the drops.

…penguin plushy?

What the hell is this?

I take it out of inventory.

“W-what is this?” (Naofumi)

“It looks like a stuffed animal.” (Rafatalia)

“It’s wearing sleeping clothes” (Naofumi)

It’s a Penguin Plushy in a Santa Suit. It seems familiar for some reason.

For argument’s sake, I check its status.

Penguin Plushy

Defense Up, Impact Resistance (Small),

Water Resistance (Large),

Dark Resistance (Small),

HP Restoration (Weak),

Magic Amplify (Medium)

Autonomous Repair,

Increased Swim Time,

Size Correction,

Skill Correction (Small),

Race Change – Monster (When Equiped)

…It has quite a few useful abilities. It’s basic stats don’t even lose to my Barbarian Armor +1.

Increased Swim Time… but I don’t plan on swimming any time soon.

“It seems to be…

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46 Responses to Chapter 107: Cal Mira Island End

  1. NightFrost says:

    Thanks for the updates! Wish there was a game like this that I could play :S it’d be friggen awesome


  2. loyal follower #2 says:

    Thanks for the translation I appreciate it this is the best thing 4 me b4 work I really appreciate it


  3. Anonymous says:

    when does 108 come out yoraikun is already done 109 and is waiting for you to post bakahou thanks for the translation please post soon


    • Anonymous says:

      Well, please be patience , he is doing this on his free time, hence he will definitely translate and post once he is available.

      Thanks for your patience .


      • Anon says:

        That’s something I’ve always loved. The feeling of being entitled to something you yourself do not do, and fail to pay or contribute to it. If the man happens to take a day off due to personal choices so be it. Odds are with or without “your” contribution to the project, the given piece of material will be posted within a relative time-frame suitable to your survival until the time of posting.


    • ;_; says:

      Bakahou has already mentioned to be busy so just wait patiently. And how about helping with pointing out some typos or something instead of uselessly complaining that does not a thing aside from making yourself appear to be an ass.


  4. Anonymous says:

    RIGHT ON ANON!!!!, at least wait for the man to put it up when he can, he mentioned hed be busy around this time, so wait until he puts it up, nothing you do will make him work and finish it earlier, so be happy he is willing to do it at all!


  5. Anonymous says:

    To the translators: Thank you very much for all your hard work!
    To the ones asking for faster releases: Stop being so selfish! The translators are doing their best. The least we can do, is have some patience, dont pressure them to release new chapters. Those guys/women have their jobs or whatever and they’re only translating out of good will, its not like they are getting paid for it. So show a little restraint and stop pestering them all the time! Amen!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the translations are plenty fast. We’re getting about 10+ chapters a week for free. The translators have their own jobs and personal lives.

    Unless they’re paying them a full paycheck with all of the benefits of an actual job, no one has any right to complain and rush the translators. None of that “please post soon” or “why is it taking so long?”. Patience is a virtue.

    That said, thanks so much for the new chapter and the work you do!


  7. aditamaki says:

    bakahou-sensei where is chapter 108 ?


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