Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

Chapter 111 by Yoraikun.
I’ll upload chapter 113 and 114 after Epithetic uploads 112.
No pressure. x)

Inlitify OA

…I’m sleepy

Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

After Shadow told us that Itsuki had departed, we get off the boat.

After that, we use the carriage and comfortably proceed towards the castle town.

There seemed to be an event going on at the gate. I’m about to enter the city when-

I see something that makes me doubt my eyes.

Trash is wearing nothing but his mantle and some pants. He is walking around in a comical manner.

The Queen is watching from a lavish carriage parked behind him.

“Welcome back Iwatani.” (Queen)

“…………….?” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia tilts her head in confusion at the spectacle. Firo cranes her head to see better, and Rishia is making troubled arm gestures. By the way, she is still in the penguin suit.

“What… is that?” (Naofumi)

“It’s the king dancing around in clothes only stupid people can…

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109 Responses to Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

  1. aditamaki says:

    hahahaha waiting chp 112 for 5 hours


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve checked this page 11 times today. It’s driving me crazy! But seriously Bakahou it’s only cuz you’re so awesome to begin with!!


  3. aditamaki says:

    well we don’t have any choice what can we di is just patiently waiting


  4. Anonymous says:

    Whahahhaa same refresh browser every 15min… Hehehehhee… But is worth the wait…. I like about this shieldbro is the translator…. Thanks to all ur effort and time both of u…


  5. YamatoEX says:

    I’m Already waiting for two days 22 October 2014 12:45am


  6. YamatoEX says:

    These two day sleep only 3 hours


  7. Uz3r013 says:

    My app plays a ringtone when Bakahou posts a chapter, (it was a very annoying day when he posted his pastebin back log LOL, seriously the alert kept going off all day) Anyway…
    Im still having a hard time finding an appropriate ringtone for this series… any ideas? mostly been going thru my anime section… OPs and EDs just don’t work since they remind me of the shows they are from rather than this (>_<)


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