The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 117

Chapter 117 by Yoraikun.

Chapter 116 is here:
The quality of this translation is barely readable in the later parts. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests to retranslate, I’ll just suck it up and get down to it.
So this version is only for those who can’t wait.

There is a better version up now by Kookiedreamer:

Ps: Apologies for the lack of contact, I was literally buried under a mountain of work today. I would finish one stack and then another stack would come……

Inlitify OA

Note: all the other heroes’ motivations are currently 100% Naofumi’s conjecture. Don’t get so mad… yet…

Chapter 117: When Game Knowledge Betrays You

It was only a few hours later that we realized exactly what had happened.

A messenger riding a gravely injured dragon flew to us.

“What is happening?” (Queen)

The Queen shouts with the face of someone who has just failed a mission. We are all gathered in front of the throne.

“T-there’s big trouble! The seal holding the legendary Magical Beast, the Spirit Turtle has been broken!” (Messenger)

“Spirit…?” (Naofumi)

Spirit? As in referring to ghosts?

The Spirit Turtle… In my world, I remember it was a sort of legendary beast.

He often appeared in games as one of the 4 minor holy beasts

Does this world have some system like that as well?

The major 4 are Seiryuu, Byakkou, Genbu and Suzaku. The minor 4 are…

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83 Responses to The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 117

  1. XxBrokenTierxX says:

    Anyone else feel bad for the Queen? She has a spoiled bitch daughter, a spineless and stupid husband, and 3 greedy “heroes” who think nothing of human life. The only person who’s kind of on her side is Naofumi and not even he trusts her completely yet.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s 116?


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