Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

Chapter 126 by Yoraikun!

Been quite busy, and end of the month is coming up. Might not be able to do a chapter this weekend. I’ll be using my spare time to read through the book on Japanese grammar that arrived.

Inlitify OA

This is the final battle the arc deserved, but not the one that many people want to read. None too dramatic. As for why he didn’t increase the trap size or go for the heart instead, it is my theory that if he increased the Trap size, he would die before the attack could take effect, and Neither Rafatalia or Firo can completely destroy the head in the time it takes for the heart to regenerate. Oh Well. The Turtle gives off a Sort of Fate from Negima vibe in his intentions.

Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

… I guess I can’t waste any more time.

Now that I think about it, we spent way too much of it inside of the turtle.

It seems that due to our nervousness, we hadn’t noticed just how much time had passed.

If I don’t leave to help out…

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8 Responses to Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

  1. kirindas says:

    No worries, Bakahou. You’ve done a lot of chapters in such a short time. A break is well deserved, though too bad it’s for work.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Bakabro, take your time. You’ll always be a yuusha to me.


  3. Anonymous says:

    no problem man


  4. Anonymous says:

    even when taking a break your still so dedicated, your too good!


  5. heavenjudgement says:

    Dont worry lord Bakahou, you did translate 77 chapters for us in 2 months!! Take a break if you need it. I am a full time employee myself(engineer), and always wonder how can you find free time to do chapters for us. (^^)”


  6. kookiedreamer says:

    Since you’re busy this weekend, should I do 128 for you? Just so that you can take a break and read your Japanese Grammar book (or more Kingdom XD). Even Yoraikun wants you to take a break! (look at BT’s registration page)


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