Tate No Yuusha ch 127

Chapter 127 by Anontranslator!


Laptop returned from fixing. I might even appear again within a year. Also decided to start including honorifics at times.




I remember this feeling.
I open my eyes and check the surroundings.
Looks like I was put to sleep in the healing house’s bed.
When I look I see Firo is sleeping while leaning on me, and Raphtalia fell asleep while sitting in a chair.
This is still fine, but for some reason even Melty is sleeping with Firo.
Again huh. When I use Blutopfer it always ends up like this.

「Ah, you regained consciousness!」

Rishia just came into my sick room carrying a water bottle.
Unusually she’s not wearing the costume.
Thinking about it Rishia looked like this didn’t she.
She’s always wearing the Firo costume so I forgot.

「Raphtalia-san, please wake up. The hero of the shield regained consciousness」

With a sway Rishia shakes Raphtalia.

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321 Responses to Tate No Yuusha ch 127

  1. lol says:

    What if it is bakahou thats posting the yaoi pictures dun dun dun duuuuuuun lol jk


  2. lll says:

    Thanks for translating so many chapters of this novel 🙂


  3. ohmariowv says:

    I don’t know when or if you are going to translate more. In case, I’m following.


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