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Chapter 120 Stalling for Time

Chapter 120 by Kookiedreamer! Advertisements

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Chapter 119: Strategic Countermeasures

Originally posted on Inlitify OA:
Naofumi pulls a motivational speech out of nowhere. Even he agrees it is BS. On a side note, I seem to be getting stuck with the political chapters. Chapter 119: Strategic Countermeasures “As expected, this…

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Chapter 118 VS. Spirit Turtle, Recon Battle

Translation by : Anon/Manguro/Popeye (Same person who did 116) Extensive Editing by me VS. Spirit Turtle, Recon Battle

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 117

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Note: all the other heroes’ motivations are currently 100% Naofumi’s conjecture. Don’t get so mad… yet… Chapter 117: When Game Knowledge Betrays You It was only a few hours later that we realized exactly what…

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Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner

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I did absolutely nothing yesterday, and Bakahou released 3 chapters. I feel a little guilty. Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner The next few days passed without issue. We went out every…

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Chapter 114 Meteor Shield

Meteor Shield Naofumi:”Yo. Old man, Long time to no see.” Our carriage was stopped behind the weapon shop, and we entered. Old Man:”Oh. If it isn’t the lad. I was surprised that you got a bounty a few days after … Continue reading

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Chapter 113 A Method On Becoming Stronger

A Method On Becoming Stronger Rishia:”Fueeeeee~~~~~~~!” A loud pathetic voice echoes throughout the warehouse. And Rishia begins to run from me like an escaping rabbit. She is demonstrating her judgement in a strange place.

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