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Chapter 122 Exploration

I’m going to go till I collapse, so I’ll only be reading comments every upload. Yes I was slacking the past few days, the motivation just wasn’t there. Exploration Naofumi:”Be careful.” Raphtalia:”Okay.” Advertisements

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Chapter 121: The Message from the Hero

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Chapter 121: The Message from the Hero “IT’s good that we jumped on the Turtle, but…” (Naofumi) The ground is shaking. More specifically, the Spirit Turtle’s whole body is shaking. But its head can’t stretch far…

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Chapter 120 Stalling for Time

Chapter 120 by Kookiedreamer!

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Chapter 119: Strategic Countermeasures

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Naofumi pulls a motivational speech out of nowhere. Even he agrees it is BS. On a side note, I seem to be getting stuck with the political chapters. Chapter 119: Strategic Countermeasures “As expected, this…

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Chapter 118 VS. Spirit Turtle, Recon Battle

Translation by : Anon/Manguro/Popeye (Same person who did 116) Extensive Editing by me VS. Spirit Turtle, Recon Battle

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 117

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Note: all the other heroes’ motivations are currently 100% Naofumi’s conjecture. Don’t get so mad… yet… Chapter 117: When Game Knowledge Betrays You It was only a few hours later that we realized exactly what…

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Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner

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I did absolutely nothing yesterday, and Bakahou released 3 chapters. I feel a little guilty. Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner The next few days passed without issue. We went out every…

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