All translations are based on the web novel found here ↗.

Arrival, Betrayal, Tanuki Slave, Second Wave and Aftermath

Note that the first wave happened prior to arrival.
Chapters 1–23 on Baka-Tsuki ↗


Chapter 24 on Baka-Tsuki ↗
Chapter 25 on Baka-Tsuki ↗
Chapter 26 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 27 on Baka-Tsuki ↗
Chapter 28 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 29 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 30 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 31 by a Guest on Pastebin ↗
Chapter 32 (Edited by: MythosIX)


Chapter 33 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 34 by a Guest on Pastebin ↗
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 by a Guest on Pastebin ↗
Chapter 37

Motoyasu’s Mess

Chapter 38 by a Guest on Pastebin ↗
Chapter 39 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 40 (Edited by: MythosIX)

Itsuki’s Mess

Chapter 41 (Edited by: MythosIX)

Ren’s Mess

Chapter 42 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 43 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 44 (Edited by: MythosIX)

Cleaning Up Afterwards

Chapter 45 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 46 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 47 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 48 (Edited by: MythosIX)

Third Wave aka. Shieldbro & Co. vs. Kimono Chick

Chapter 49 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 50 (Edited by: MythosIX)
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55

Conspiracy & Travelling with Melty

Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64

Philorial Queen

Chapter 65
Chapter 66


Chapter 67
Chapter 68
Chapter 69

Shieldbro & Co. vs. the Pope

Chapter 70
Chapter 71
Chapter 72 (Edited by: NillAngel)
Chapter 73 (Edited by: NillAngel)

The Badass Queen

Chapter 74
Chapter 75 (Edited by: EverydaySoCloudy)
Chapter 76
Chapter 77
Chapter 78
Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 81

Calmira Island Arc

Chapter 82
Chapter 83

Pole Weapon and His Leaches

Chapter 84 by AnonTranslator ↗
Chapter 85
Chapter 86
Chapter 87


Chapter 88
Chapter 89

Loner Sword and his Underlings

Chapter 90 (TLCed by: Epithetic)
Chapter 91
Chapter 92


Chapter 93

Robin Hood and his Bodyguards

Chapter 94
Chapter 95 by Yoraikun ↗
Chapter 96
Chapter 97 by Yoraikun ↗


Chapter 98
Chapter 99 by Epithetic ↗
Chapter 100 by AnonTranslator ↗

Hero Conference

Chapter 101 by Yoraikun ↗
Chapter 102
Chapter 103 by Yoraikun ↗


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72 Responses to Chapters

  1. Anonymous says:

    Would like to thank all the translators! awesome novel. the meeting of shieldbro with the queen is hilarious! can totally imagine the picture but wish to see it on manga soon!
    Once again big thanks!


  2. ivvis says:

    hey guys where can i find the novel in Japanese?


  3. nom nom nonymus says:

    Whew.. i just see registration page on baka-tsuki for shieldbro translation and epithetic gonna do ch 112 as for anon ch 127 :-O


  4. Abhimanyu says:

    How do u translate with such precision I need help translating Ark. So if you could guide me even a little helps


    • Bakahou says:

      Uhmm there are bound to be mistranslations in my work, seeing as I am doing it with the help of a machine. Also ark is korean and I’m not touching another language with a five foot stick. Though I do enjoy reading ark, good luck.


      • Anonymous says:

        would you mind explaining your method even if it is machine based


      • Bakahou says:

        Check the about page.


      • TypeXIX says:

        Let’s not inquire about the method too much. For all we know,
        Naofumi could’ve been murdered by a gay stripper back in chapter 1,
        and the story since then could’ve been about an otter. Sometime we must
        simply enjoy things that seem to good to be true….like snow days in Miami.


  5. neenan01 says:

    Need to update this page now and then


  6. heheheheeee says:

    hey Bakahou , are you the one transing 112 or is it someone else?


  7. heheheheeee says:

    hey great job with the chapters, ive been playing K.I. so all i herd in my head was “TRIPLE COMBOOOOO” so does Yoraikun have the next few chapters


  8. aqn104 says:

    Bakahou, Yoraikun, and other translators not mentioned,

    THANK YOU for working on this. Much appreciated.


  9. heheheheeee says:

    hey, whos working on 118? and what else do you read besides sheildbro?


  10. amado says:

    should consider updating this soon.


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