Tate No Yuusha ch 127

Chapter 127 by Anontranslator!


Laptop returned from fixing. I might even appear again within a year. Also decided to start including honorifics at times.




I remember this feeling.
I open my eyes and check the surroundings.
Looks like I was put to sleep in the healing house’s bed.
When I look I see Firo is sleeping while leaning on me, and Raphtalia fell asleep while sitting in a chair.
This is still fine, but for some reason even Melty is sleeping with Firo.
Again huh. When I use Blutopfer it always ends up like this.

「Ah, you regained consciousness!」

Rishia just came into my sick room carrying a water bottle.
Unusually she’s not wearing the costume.
Thinking about it Rishia looked like this didn’t she.
She’s always wearing the Firo costume so I forgot.

「Raphtalia-san, please wake up. The hero of the shield regained consciousness」

With a sway Rishia shakes Raphtalia.

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Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

Chapter 126 by Yoraikun!

Been quite busy, and end of the month is coming up. Might not be able to do a chapter this weekend. I’ll be using my spare time to read through the book on Japanese grammar that arrived.

Inlitify OA

This is the final battle the arc deserved, but not the one that many people want to read. None too dramatic. As for why he didn’t increase the trap size or go for the heart instead, it is my theory that if he increased the Trap size, he would die before the attack could take effect, and Neither Rafatalia or Firo can completely destroy the head in the time it takes for the heart to regenerate. Oh Well. The Turtle gives off a Sort of Fate from Negima vibe in his intentions.

Chapter 126: Versus the Spirit Turtle, the Final Battle

… I guess I can’t waste any more time.

Now that I think about it, we spent way too much of it inside of the turtle.

It seems that due to our nervousness, we hadn’t noticed just how much time had passed.

If I don’t leave to help out…

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 125

Chapter 125 by Yoraikun!

Inlitify OA

A bit anti-climactic. Stay tuned for the touching finale.

Chapter 125: Possibilities

“Not Yet! Report your situation!” (Naofumi)

“The people who received the attack have yet to recover. We are confirming the situation.” (Soldier)

How is the front line holding up?

I look towards Rafatalia and Firo, who are currently battling around the heart.

The assaulting familiars seem to be endless. Both of them are exhausted.

When the chance comes, they break through and reach my location, but their faces are pale.

“A-are you two alright?!” (Naofumi)

“Y-yes… but… my Mana is…” (Rafatalia)

“Yeah… you know… they absorbed our mana…” (Firo)

Ku… how troublesome. This attack has the same effect as the electric blast from the head.

I receive an information report from the back line.

“A large number of troops have died from Mana depletion.” (Soldier)

“How is the situation on the front?” (Naofumi)

“Because of the Hero of…

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Chapter 124 Heart of the Spirit Turtle

Kingdom is too addicting……Almost done it though ;_;

Heart of the Spirit Turtle

Rishia:”A-Are you guys alright!?”

When we came back, Rishia and the allied forces greeted us. Continue reading

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Chapter 123 Blue Hourglass

Kingdom is too good, I just finished the war against Wei arc and am taking a break. (No spoilers please)

Blue Hourglass

How many dead ends does this make now?
I check the map, and confirm that everything is mapped out……The road connected to the heart of the spirit turtle still hasn’t been found. Continue reading

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Chapter 122 Exploration

I’m going to go till I collapse, so I’ll only be reading comments every upload.

Yes I was slacking the past few days, the motivation just wasn’t there.


Naofumi:”Be careful.”
Raphtalia:”Okay.” Continue reading

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Chapter 121: The Message from the Hero

Chapter 121 by Yoraikun!

Inlitify OA

Chapter 121: The Message from the Hero

“IT’s good that we jumped on the Turtle, but…” (Naofumi)

The ground is shaking. More specifically, the Spirit Turtle’s whole body is shaking.

But its head can’t stretch far enough to look at its back. I don’t think it can concentrate on its shell.

I check my surroundings.

The place we landed is quite close to the ruined city.

The buildings give off a Chinese sort of feeling. Possible because of the Chinese legend that the Spirit Turtle carried the city of immortals on its back.

“Firo, can you sense where the army is?” (Naofumi)

“nn… Probably… that way?” (Firo)

Firo points to the mountain range outside of the city.

That direction is towards the back of the Turtle, so she’s probably correct.

“For now, let’s leave the city and meet up.” (Naofumi)

“Yes!” (Firo)

I get on Firo, and she runs towards the…

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