Chapter 120 Stalling for Time

Chapter 120 by Kookiedreamer!

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Chapter 119: Strategic Countermeasures

Chapter 119 by Yoraikun.

Inlitify OA

Naofumi pulls a motivational speech out of nowhere. Even he agrees it is BS. On a side note, I seem to be getting stuck with the political chapters.

Chapter 119: Strategic Countermeasures

“As expected, this is quite tough.”

I have returned to base, and am resting with the rest of my party. I head to the Strategy Meeting taking place between the leaders of multiple countries.

“Ah, The Hero of the Shield.” (Someone)

“Please, save the world.” (Someone else)

“I beg you, because of that, our country is…” (Someone else entirely)

The faces of the country leaders are quite pale.

The situation is quite grim. There will be no hope if I run here.

But… The difference in their treatment of me now is annoying.

Well, these people are from different countries. They may not know about my false crimes.

“We were watching from the back line. For it to…

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Chapter 118 VS. Spirit Turtle, Recon Battle

Translation by : Anon/Manguro/Popeye (Same person who did 116)

Extensive Editing by me

VS. Spirit Turtle, Recon Battle Continue reading

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 117

Chapter 117 by Yoraikun.

Chapter 116 is here:
The quality of this translation is barely readable in the later parts. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests to retranslate, I’ll just suck it up and get down to it.
So this version is only for those who can’t wait.

There is a better version up now by Kookiedreamer:

Ps: Apologies for the lack of contact, I was literally buried under a mountain of work today. I would finish one stack and then another stack would come……

Inlitify OA

Note: all the other heroes’ motivations are currently 100% Naofumi’s conjecture. Don’t get so mad… yet…

Chapter 117: When Game Knowledge Betrays You

It was only a few hours later that we realized exactly what had happened.

A messenger riding a gravely injured dragon flew to us.

“What is happening?” (Queen)

The Queen shouts with the face of someone who has just failed a mission. We are all gathered in front of the throne.

“T-there’s big trouble! The seal holding the legendary Magical Beast, the Spirit Turtle has been broken!” (Messenger)

“Spirit…?” (Naofumi)

Spirit? As in referring to ghosts?

The Spirit Turtle… In my world, I remember it was a sort of legendary beast.

He often appeared in games as one of the 4 minor holy beasts

Does this world have some system like that as well?

The major 4 are Seiryuu, Byakkou, Genbu and Suzaku. The minor 4 are…

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Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner

Chapter 115 by Yoraikun.

Ps: Don’t feel guilty, I’m just happy I’m not translating this alone anymore.

Inlitify OA

I did absolutely nothing yesterday, and Bakahou released 3 chapters. I feel a little guilty.

Chapter 115: The Curiosity of the Weapon Shop Owner

The next few days passed without issue.

We went out every day to prepare for the wave. Sometimes we would go to the mine and search for rare materials, and other times we would fight monsters to raise our levels.

In the mine, I would feed all the gems we acquired into the shield and we would also eliminate any nearby monsters.

For Firo’s legs, it doesn’t even take a day to return to the castle.

At the castle, I would mix medicines or learn magic.  Rafatalia and Rishia are also studying magic under the court magician.

For some reason, after the class-up Rafatalia has begun to be able to use magic other than Illusion. She has started absorbing new types of magic into her fighting…

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Chapter 114 Meteor Shield

Meteor Shield

Naofumi:”Yo. Old man, Long time to no see.”

Our carriage was stopped behind the weapon shop, and we entered.

Old Man:”Oh. If it isn’t the lad. I was surprised that you got a bounty a few days after departing.”
Naofumi:”Guess so, I was in a serious trouble back then.”
Old Man:”Apparently it looks like you were able to prove your innocence.”
Naofumi:”Yeah, thanks to your help.” Continue reading

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Chapter 113 A Method On Becoming Stronger

A Method On Becoming Stronger


A loud pathetic voice echoes throughout the warehouse.
And Rishia begins to run from me like an escaping rabbit.
She is demonstrating her judgement in a strange place. Continue reading

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