Chapter 112 Warehouse

Alright let’s go.


At the warehouse that stinks of a dusty castle. It seems the equipments for the knights order is kept here.
A place where excellent equipment is located in a RPG.
I will confirm it one by one.
Wow……Most of these are expensive all-purpose equipments but they have strict requirements. Continue reading

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Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

Chapter 111 by Yoraikun.
I’ll upload chapter 113 and 114 after Epithetic uploads 112.
No pressure. x)

Inlitify OA

…I’m sleepy

Chapter 111: The King I can see as nothing but a Fool

After Shadow told us that Itsuki had departed, we get off the boat.

After that, we use the carriage and comfortably proceed towards the castle town.

There seemed to be an event going on at the gate. I’m about to enter the city when-

I see something that makes me doubt my eyes.

Trash is wearing nothing but his mantle and some pants. He is walking around in a comical manner.

The Queen is watching from a lavish carriage parked behind him.

“Welcome back Iwatani.” (Queen)

“…………….?” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia tilts her head in confusion at the spectacle. Firo cranes her head to see better, and Rishia is making troubled arm gestures. By the way, she is still in the penguin suit.

“What… is that?” (Naofumi)

“It’s the king dancing around in clothes only stupid people can…

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Chapter 110: A Girl Full of Joy

Yoraikun with a double whammy! Chapter 110!

Inlitify OA

Chapter 110: A Girl Full of Joy

Anyways, Rishia has become our comrade for now but…

When I was walking back to my room, I was stopped by Rafatalia.

“Um, earlier I heard Naofumi-sama shouting, but what happened?” (Rafatalia)

“Ah, don’t worry about it. Itsuki just did something unbelievably infuriating.” (Naofumi)

“Hm? Who is the person behind you?” (Rafatalia)

“U…um” (Rishia)

“I believe she was… anyways, let’s return to the room. We can talk then.” (Rafatalia)

It seems that Rafatalia could read the situation to some extent.

We return to the room and I explain the circumstances to Rafatalia. I also conduct introductions and say that she will be a comrade from now on.

For obvious reasons, Rafatalia listened with a face composed half of amazement ant half of anger.

“That person is…” (Rafatalia)

“U-um please don’t say bad things about Itsuki.” (Rishia)

“Even after going through that, you will…

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The Rise of the Shield Hero Chapter 109

Yoraikun with Chapter 109!

Inlitify OA

Dayyyyyyyum Naofumi, I didn’t know you had it in you. Well, he had a Saber and Berserker, It seems he has acquired a Castor. Oh yeah, Because Muel said that 108-110 go as a set, I will be doing 110 and releasing it later today.


Motoyasu listens to Rishia’s story with a pale face and turns to me.

“At first I was curious as to why she were crying and got a little worried so I called out to her but… sorry… I… I can’t stand to see girls like this… Can I leave it to you?” (Motoyasu)

I couldn’t hear Motoyasu’s words to the end.

Now that I think about it, Motoyasu was killed and sent to this world due to his popularity.

So he can’t handle dark girls like this.

Those girls that appear in Galge, yandere was it? (TL: Galge: Non eros Dating…

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Chapter 108 False Accusations, Again

Not as rage inducing as I expected, the voodoo doll I prepared went unused. Still, quite angry though.

False Accusations, Again

The other heroes seem to have all boarded the ship. I was informed by Shadow as the ship departed. Continue reading

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Chapter 107: Cal Mira Island End

Chapter 107 by Yoraikun!

Inlitify OA

A short chapter. Nothing really happens. Things are going smoothly…

CHAPTER 107: Cal Mira Island End

The Next Day

I defeat a boss called Karma Penguin and check the drops.

…penguin plushy?

What the hell is this?

I take it out of inventory.

“W-what is this?” (Naofumi)

“It looks like a stuffed animal.” (Rafatalia)

“It’s wearing sleeping clothes” (Naofumi)

It’s a Penguin Plushy in a Santa Suit. It seems familiar for some reason.

For argument’s sake, I check its status.

Penguin Plushy

Defense Up, Impact Resistance (Small),

Water Resistance (Large),

Dark Resistance (Small),

HP Restoration (Weak),

Magic Amplify (Medium)

Autonomous Repair,

Increased Swim Time,

Size Correction,

Skill Correction (Small),

Race Change – Monster (When Equiped)

…It has quite a few useful abilities. It’s basic stats don’t even lose to my Barbarian Armor +1.

Increased Swim Time… but I don’t plan on swimming any time soon.

“It seems to be…

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Chapter 106 Days on Cal Mira Island

Yes, it’s that time of month again. No, it’s not a period.

It’s payroll time (As an accountant, I am the one writing the payrolls.). ;–;

Days on Cal Mira Island

For the time being……We are travelling by ship.
It seems Firo has completely mastered swimming. When she swims she looks like a penguin. Continue reading

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